Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

This page covers the service Terms and Conditions of Jodie Coward Photography.

Booking Payment & Deposit

The Client shall make a booking payment as per the contract to retain the studio for the services.

Agreement Cancellation:

On the off chance that the Client will drop this Agreement more than six (6) schedule days before the photo shooting day, any reserving expense settled up on to the Photographer will be discounted completely assuming the Photographer can re-book a similar date. If, the Photographer can’t get another client for the date or then again assuming the undoing happens under six (6) schedule days before the picture date, the Client relinquishes the booking charge.

Photos & Copyrights:

Every visual material, like original negatives, photographs, or slides, will be the selective property of the Photographer. The Photographer will claim the copyright in all pictures made and may involve the work for samples, exhibitions, contests, publicizing, and self-promotion. Utilization beyond this arrangement will require the Client’s consent.

Client’s Usage:

The Client is authorized to use the prints for personal use only. The Client is not allowed to sell the prints to any third party. The clients are also expected to respect the watermark, signature, and Photographer’s identity on the original print and share the credits. The Client agrees not to alter any original photographs on any social platform or other platforms.

Agreement Failure:

The failure of the Agreement will only be considered under the following circumstances from the Photographer.

  • Due to fire, casualty, strike, any uncertain situation which is beyond the control
  • Photographer’s illness
  • Theft of photographic material


Due to the Photographer’s illness, the funds will be returned to the Client, and the Agreement shall be closed. This limitation on liability shall also be applied in case of damaged photographic material, loss due to camera malfunction or mail, or any loss without the Photographer’s fault.

In any other case where the Photographer fails to perform the task, he/she shall not be liable for any excessive amount of the retail value to the Client’s order.

Jodie Coward Photography shall only keep the Client’s record for 2-years. The data will be permanently deleted after a period of 2-years. The Photographer shall not be liable for any further claim.

Any property damaged by the Client’s end, public or private, shall be accommodated by the Client.

For any further information, you may contact the Photographer directly at:

Email: jodie@jodiecowardphotography.com.au