I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding a session including what to expect, what to bring, clothing choices and so on, and please keep them coming. I just thought I would answer some of the more common questions here to save you the trouble, and hopefully make your session as relaxing and fun as possible.

I am more than happy to reschedule a session especially when dealing with children and babies as they get sick, and can be unpredictable at times, and if they are not feeling it the session won’t be a success anyway. I will also reschedule if the weather is not looking favorable, I love a nice overcast day, so if it’s cloudy no problem, but if it’s wet and miserable then I normally wait for another day.

Newborns can be tricky, and I can definitely reschedule, but just keep in mind that they tend to be more settled during the first couple of weeks, so I do try to capture them within this time frame if possible.

I like to provide all of the props etc for my newborn sessions, so you don’t need to bring any special outfits etc, I mostly have them wrapped to keep them warm and cosy.

I do suggest keeping them awake as much as possible the morning of the session and feeding before leaving home. If you are bottle feeding bring a spare bottle with you, and bring a dummy if your baby uses one.

I have my studio pretty warm for your babies comfort, so I suggest wearing some layers that you can take off if you get too hot, and remeber it will take at least 2 hours depending on how settled your baby is.

If you would like family photos taken with your newborn I suggest wearing neutral clothing without patterns or big logos, and something that you feel comfortable in.

Family sessions are one of my favorites, and I love capturing families just happily interacting with each other, without too many posed images. I encourage you to choose a location that you know and feel comfortable in. If you can’t think of one I have a few local favorites that I can recommend.

Bring along some toys for the kids…..a football, bubbles, kite or just skim some rocks into the ocean or build sand castles with them.

You don’t need to be in matching outfits, just wear similar tones and something you feel comfortable in, oh and try to avoid tshirts with big logos, or busy patterns as they will be distracting in the photos.

Try to feed young children before your session so they have full bellys and are not hungry, and I don’t mind if they just want to play for a while to get used to me and my scary camera, it can be a bit intimidating for some kids, so don’t stress if they take a while to warm up.

I like my sessions to be fun and interactive so you will find yourself dancing to get the kids laughing, forming a family sandwich, sneaking up on the kids, and I always get lots of laughs making the kids repeat a silly secret to each other just to name a few, don’t worry I only make the kids do the floss!